A well run website can improve your school’s image and is a critical communication tool.  It is a way to attract new students and families to visit your school while having a checklist of all documents needed and forms readily available on your website to make the registration process  go as smoothly as possible.  We believe a website should be a virtual front office. We will work with you throughout the year to host your website and keep it compliant, updated, informative, and educational to parents, staff, students and the public.

Are you wondering how you can enrich your students’ learning and increase their motivation? Technology has revolutionized the way students communicate and learn.  By using technology and social media channels in schools, students build confidence, absorb more information, and keep engaged in their studies.  MaxterMedia can help you build a tradition of excellence, by keeping constant communication between parents, staff, students and your school, while creating ways to enrich teaching and learning.

We offer a full array of services including, website hosting, email communication, social media, Word of the Day/Week enrichment, and other services that can be developed to your school’s needs.  Let MaxterMedia assist you in creating and enriching new ways to engage student learning, display your school’s successes and accomplishments, and turn your website into a marketing and communication motivator.